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How Long should a Shirt Sleeve be?

Many people often ponder the question, how long should my dress shirt sleeves be? Having an appropriate length for your dress shirt is a very important aspect to consider. In determining the appropriate length for your shirt, you should take into account several aspects.

Shirt Sleeve

Indeed, there are several things you should consider while determining the length of your dress shirt sleeves. Some of the considerations include: 

  • The impact that the shirt sleeves have on your overall look
  • Your comfort levels while carrying with your day to day activities
  • Shrinkage
  • The prevailing fashion trends

The impact that the shirt sleeves have on your overall look:

One of the main reasons why we put on clothes is that they tend to reaffirm our self-confidence as human beings. Clothes accord one some level of dignity and this ultimately informs on their confidence levels. In light of this fact, your shirt sleeves should feature a length that you actually serve to improve your overall outlook and in turn boost your confidence levels. For instance, a shirt that has long sleeves that almost cover your entire arm length will dent your overall look and this will definitely undermine your confidence levels. As a rule of thumb, the sleeves should not go all the way to cover the entire length of your arm since this will definitely distort your look.

Your comfort while going on with your day to day activities:

The length of your sleeves to a large extent determines how comfortable you feel while wearing the shirt. In light of this fact, the sleeves should feature a length that does not in any way distort your comfort levels. The best length for shirt sleeves with respect to your comfort levels is that the sleeves should be long enough to cover your wrist area while your arm is in resting position and to go below the wrist area when the arm is raised up.


It is important to note that shirts like many other clothing items are prone to shrinkage. This implies that the shirt sleeves might reduce in length during the first couple of washings. In light of this fact, your new shirt sleeves should feature a length that is around half an inch longer. This will ensure that the sleeves fit perfectly even after the shirt has shrunk.

Prevailing fashion trends:

In addition to simply ensuring that we are able to feel comfortable in the clothes we wear, it is equally important to adhere to current fashion trends. The length of your shirt sleeve should also be informed by the general fashion trends. It is not really fashionable to have sleeves that are too long or too short for that matter. One of the best ways of determining the appropriate length of your sleeves is to analyze the length of the sleeve while you are standing up. The most appropriate length of the sleeve should be one that reaches around the middle of the back area of your arm.


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