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How to Buy Shirts that Fit

Wearing a fit shirt is of great importance because it is the one that covers the central part of the body and of course because it is next to your face. In general, a well fitting shirt is that one which will highlight the goodness of a physique, outlining the body without revealing lots of secrets like every curve of the body. In short, it should be one which portrays out that flattering figure in you.

Shirts that Fit

The following are some of the basic tips to consider when buying a fitting shirt.


For a well fitting shirt, the shoulder seam needs to be meeting with the corner of the shoulder bone of yours (the furthest point starting from the center of the chest). You also need to ensure that the armholes are ever comfortable when you are in motion and that they do not cut the underarm. To verify this, you need to tuck the shirt into the trousers and lifting your arms to a 45degree angle. If the shirt gets out from the pants more than an inch, the armholes are too low

The collar/neck:

The neck is always measured in inches, starting from the buttonhole to the button when it is laid in a flat position. For the collar, it needs to be able to lay around the neck without any restriction. It should be as close to the neck as possible because that way it will offer you comfort and allow some room for ventilation without leaving a large gap. To check if it is okay, two fingers should be fitting in the shirt without it squeezing your neck tightly. If the third finger also fits among the two, then the short may be considered to be loose.

Apart from that, the collar shape also matters a lot because it is the one which gives the face some good appearance. If you have a narrow face, it is better you opt for a shirt with a wide spread collar, and for round faces, a pointed flat collar is the best.


Before purchasing a shirt, you should make sure that the sleeves are not very tight in that it is able to see more details of the arm. However, they should neither be billow. Actually, good ones should be having space for air to circulate, and for easy motion. For the shirt cuff, it is supposed to end at the point where the palm meets the wrist, so that it can be fitting enough not to move and exceed the palm.


As for the body, the torso needs to be slim enough so that the shirt will not allow more than four inches of cloth when being pulled lightly away from the stomach or chest. When being pulled, the shirt should not be stretched tight against your skin. Though it should be a little tight, one which easy motion should not be an issue.

The length of the shirt also is very important. When tucked, it should be enough in that when you are in motion, the shirt won’t get untucked from the trousers. Shirts that need to be tucked are always designed with a shirt tail and not curved bottoms.

For the fitting shorts that don’t need to be tucked, the shirt should have a length that when you are in motion, no underneath body is revealed. In fact, the length of these types of shirts should not exceed the bottom of the zipper of the pants.


The shirt should be comfortably fitting on the chest, the upper back, and under the armpits so that when you are in motion, there is no hindrance.

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